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KingA+ Creations: a passion project brought to life.


Meet Kinga, the founder of Créations KingA+ (Créations KingA Plus/KingA+ Creations). As a dedicated high school teacher, she channels her passion into crafting hands-on planners, educational resources, and organizational tools tailored for educators like you. Benefit from her classroom expertise and experience the convenience of her hands-on planning and organizational tools designed to help you stay organized.


Explore beyond planners and discover a world of notepads, stickers, bookmarks, and other classroom essentials in the Créations KingA+ collection. Each product is meticulously crafted to increase your productivity in the classroom and beyond.


At Créations KingA+, we're not just about products; we're committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Expect nothing less than carefully curated items, crafted with love in Montreal (Qc).


Shop Créations KingA+ today.

Owner of KingA Creations
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